Design frames all media. From the classic to the cutting-edge,  we can shape your message to stand out from the crowd.

Some clients come to us with a strategic campaign already mapped out, and they know exactly where we fit in. Others just know that they have some communicating to do – to clients, employees, distributors, shareholders, customers – but haven’t thought through an overall strategy.

We listen: building understanding and an awareness of each client’s unique needs allows us to provide creative solutions at a cost that fits both goals and budget.

And here’s a sampling of what we’ll ask you:

  1. Who is the target audience of the project and what is the expected reaction?
  2. What are the time constraints for getting the project completed?
  3. How much conceptualization and writing will be involved?
  4. Will the project take several days or several weeks to complete?
  5. Will the project be cross marketed, and will we be providing the multiple formats like video, print, radio, web, or DVD to integrate the campaign?

The key elements to any good production are quality content and design that creates a look, a feel, an evoked emotion that fully engages the viewer. Design is in everything around us, from cars we drive to cups we drink out of to shoes we wear and light fixtures we use everyday. And each design tells a story, implicitly or explicitly.

At The Image Company we are not only designers. We are storytellers. The “idea” and the “presentation” – the content and the form – work in harmony with the client’s goals to create designs that tell just the right story.

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