Habitat for Humanity International

Video and editing work over a 6 year period.

As a freelance shooter and editor, I traveled with producers from Habitat for Humanity International to remote locations for days at a time to tell the story of Habitat. “Every person deserves clean, simple, affordable housing.” This was an experience of a lifetime meeting selfless volunteers and also famous build sponsors.
As the Dalai Lama said, “Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can’t help them, at least don’t hurt them.” This mission to try and house the world is certainly something I felt was worth my time and effort. I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to help tell the story to the world.

Date Location
June 2003 Film Shoot on location in LaGrange, GA and Annistion, AL for 7.5 days
August 2003 Shoot commercial spot titled “Potter’s House Atlanta”
August 2003 Shoot and edit commercial spot titled ” Potter’s House Shoot #2″ in Atlanta, GA
April 2004 Shoot video of Congress Build in Washington, DC (3 Days)
August 2004 Shoot video of Dave Mathews/Clear Channel Build in Houston, TX (3 days)
Sept 2004 JCWP05 Preshoot – CEOs of Whirlpool and DOW, Poverty Housing Michigan (4 days)
Sept 2004 Nebraska Apostles Build, Lincoln Nebraska (2 days)
Oct 2004 JCWP Puebla & Mexico City Mexico (11 days)
January 2005 Full day in Albany and Columbus
March 2005 Shoot video of Congress Build in Washington, DC (3 Days)
June 2005 JCWP 2005 Detroit (5 Days)
August 2005 Post Hurricane Katrina 10-day shoot in Gulf
Sept 2005 Shoot in Atlanta and Minnesota (2 days)
Oct 2005 Covington & Slidell, LA (3 days)
Oct 2005 Shoot on Gulf Coast (3 1/2 shoot days)
Oct 2005 MLB/Houston (4 days)
Nov 2005 Washington, DC (8 days)
June 2006 Albuquerque, NM & Oakland, CA (6 days)
July 2006 Waveland & Biloxi (3 days)
Feb 2007 Women Build – Slidell, LA
March 2007 West St. Tammany, LA (3 days)
June 2007 Gulf Coast (4 days)
Sept 2007 Jack Kemp interview in Washington, DC
March 2008 Albany, New York (8 days)
May 2008 JRCWP Biloxi, MS (7 days)
June 2008 Home Builders Blitz – Birmingham, AL (8 days)
May 2009 Women’s Build in Atlanta


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