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Put some excitement into your next event!

The Party Box Photo Booth will definitely be the hit of your next get together.
Wedding, Corporate Event, Charity Event, Birthday Party, High School Dance or Reunion.

We are really pleased to offer this new service; a photo booth adds interactivity and a fun dynamic to any event. The best way to utilize the photo booth is for a group or organization to “sponsor” the cost of having it at an event. That way each participant pays nothing at the booth, people just line up and have fun playing in front of the camera. The organization could then arrange for additional underwriting for the event, or if there is an admission fee, charge a little extra to cover the cost.


What You Get

Two 2″ x 6″ film prints like the old photo booths.
Each sitting generates two 2″ x 6″ film prints like the old photo booths (see samples from Jazz
Night) and the offer to email the photos to one person’s email address so that we can send a digital version for their own distribution to friends and family after the event.

Online gallery of photo booth photos
We also provide an online gallery of photo booth photos where participants can purchase varying sizes of their favorite shots, choose color or black &white, crop their photo, and even have them matted and framed. The sponsor can add a logo to the print and the digital version as you can see on the Jazz Night photos. The background is completely customizable. A typical event last around 2 hours, up to 3 hours max, and we will have a person who runs the photo booth on hand at all times to interact with and help the participants along. The photo booth costs $600 for an event.

Ready in Minutes
The booth produces very flattering, brilliant photographs. The option of 2”x6” or 4”x6” photos cards can be completely customized with your names, your logo or whatever you want. The photo booth prints the images within seconds producing instant gratification with prints that you can take at that moment.

Free Files

While you finish your session at the booth a prompt will appear asking you for your email address. A FREE digital version of your photo strip will be sent to your email so that you can distribute it to friends and family for an added fun experience. Post to Facebook, Tweet, re-Tweet, Pin, re-Pin, and whatever else you prefer to do with it.

Purchase High Quality Prints
We will also send you a link that will allow you and your guests to easily purchase additional photo booth prints in a very large choice of sizes and finishes. You will have options to even matte and frame the images. And for privacy reasons only those who gave their emails will receive a link to view the images. So there will be no online photo post of your photos. Invitation only.

We use a high quality camera not a pin camera or webcam to capture your images. So you might just be pleasantly surprised at the results of a simple photo session using such high quality imagery.  All images will be provided in color with your choice of converting them to black and white or sepia. And cropping will be made easy right before you finish purchasing. You will have complete control.

Call us to schedule your event.
Call us today to schedule your Wedding, Corporate Event, Charity Event, Birthday Party, High School Dance or Reunion.  We would love to work with you on your project.

Why Rent the Party Box?

Business Owners or Companies
A customized photo strip is the best way to maximize trade show traffic and promote your product. Consider it something that can replace a business card or flyer at your event. Present your contact information in the form of photos that people will love and keep increasing exposure for your brand.

What better way to capture one of the most important days of your life. The fun and excitement will be evident and obvious with this added feature. It’s a fantastic way to document your guest and it will definitely be the hit of any reception. It’s a must at your wedding.

Kids love photos. Imagination is the key with creative props or backgrounds to help make that special day memorable with photos for everyone. It’s complete entertainment during a party and we promise that everyone will like this added benefit at a party especially the birthday girl or boy.

Give the students something they can keep for the rest of their life. A quality photo of friends and dates that they can have as a keepsake will be something they can cherish for a lifetime. Let them have fun showing their friends and family and trading with other students.

The Perfect Keepsake
Regardless of your age a photo strip is the perfect keepsake. And best of all the event can be personalized with graphics and backgrounds.


Will my guest get a copy?
Yes all guest will get 2 – 2”x6”  film strip photos of their session.

Can I personalize my Photo Strips?
Yes. Included in the cost is a graphic and/or text to match the theme and colors of your wedding, party, or corporate event. We will even take an image you or some other professional graphic artist created.

Can the booth be placed outdoors?
Yes. However we request that it be on a level ground and preferably concrete or pavement. A tent or covered facility is required. We must also have access to electricity.

Can you bring the booth to my house?
Yes. A very good idea for graduations and holiday get togethers.

How do I pay for my booth?
We accept all major credit cards via Paypal. And you do not have to be a PayPal member. We require $250 down to reserve the day of the event and the balance paid before we come to the event. A simple online form is included to reserve your date. We will contact you to confirm all the information and the date and time.

What if we want additional time?
Additional time is available upon request. Please note that payment is required at the time of the request. A credit card will be needed. Otherwise, a personal check can be made and given to the person handling the booth operation.

Can the booth be moved during my event?
Absolutely! The photo booth is designed for mobility. This is a great option for dinner or cocktail hours when the booth may be moved from one room to another.

Do you charge for down time when the booth is not in operation?
Yes, we charge $25/hr for idle/down time. We will deliver your booth in advance of the start time for your event. Down time/idle time applies when there is a break in service AFTER we have started taking photos.
For example, if we start taking photos at 3 PM and we are asked to stop for 1 hour at 4 PM and resume taking photos at 5 PM. In this case, a down time/idle time fee of $25.00 would apply from 4-5 PM.

How much is the deposit?
We charge $250 to reserve your date. Nothing else is needed, But you will be contacted several days before the event and required a payment of the balance.

Do you charge for travel?
A $40 travel charge will be applied to any rental beyond a 60-mile radius of Americus, Georgia.

Do you charge an additional fee for events that fall on a holiday?
Yes, a small fee of $75.00 for New Year’s Eve only. We will not offer services on Christmas day  or Thanksgiving day.

Do you provide a digital copy of the photos taken?
Yes, if you are the person paying for the event then a digital uploaded copy of the photos and any video files will be provided no later than 14 days after your reception or party. This makes for easy download and sharing with others.

How many photos will we get?
A typical 4-hour rental could yield hundreds and hundreds of photos or more individual pictures. This number can vary depending upon the duration of rental and how many guests are present.

How long in advance should I reserve my photo booth?
Always the sooner the better! We are limited in how many events we can cover and during certain season we may be full. So please reserve early.

What regions do you provide service to?
We service the Americus, Albany, Columbus, South Macon, Warner Robins, Perry Cordele and Tifton. We are willing to travel farther for a small travel fee of $40. Please call us for details about pricing.

Rent Our Booth

Rent our booth and get ready to have some fun at your next event!

The Party Box photo booth costs $600 for a 3 hour event. (Full day option available. Please Call.)
Reserving your booth is fast and easy. Secure your wedding or event date with only a $250 deposit. We accept Major Credit Cards. Checks and cash are always welcome.
SPECIAL BIRTHDAY PARTIES AND SWEET 16 rates.  Party Box photo booth costs $300 for a 2 hour event UNDER 30 people.

Call 229-928-8600.  We look forward to being at your next event, wedding or party!


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