Kiwanis International, Key Club

36 Videos

Over a 4 year period I was asked to help tell a story. Kiwanis International wanted to interview and see how Key Club members around the country were raising money and giving back to their communities. We produced 36 videos including trips to Canada and a very special trip to Uruguay.

The purpose of these videos was to inform other Key Clubs and to create a communication of ideas.

I’m very proud of my work and it was quite an adventure keeping up with these teenagers. They really are the future leaders of our country.

Key Club International On-Location Shoots

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Uruguay Field Visit (5 days)
Lawrenceburg, TN (2 days)
Bellingham, WA (2 days)
Brandenton, FL (2 days)
Punto Gordo, FL (2 days)
Key Club Convention in Memphis, TN (5 days)
“Spooktacular”  in Phoenix, AZ (2 days)
Key Club Wisconsin Food Drive, Milwaukee, WI (2 days)
Homeless Project, Harrisburg, PA (2 days)
Charlotte, NC (2 days)
Toronto, Ontario Canada (3 days)
Key Club Convention in Phoenix, AZ (5 days)
New Tazewell, TN Playground Project (2 days)
Washington, DC district science experiment on Atlantis shuttle launch (2 days)
Charlotte, NC (2 days)
Groton, CT (2 days)
Hershey, PA (3 days)
“Food Sculpture” Houston, TX (2days)
Westchester, NY (2 days)
Baltimore Key Club partnership with Children’s Miracle Network at Johns Hopkins Hospital
Key Club Convention in Orlando, FL (5 days)
Tampa, FL
“Pumpkin Smash” Toronto, Ontario Canada (2 days)
Texas-Oklahoma Dance-A-Thon, Houston, TX (2 days
Key Club Convention in Washington, DC (5 days)
“Crock Pot Cooking” in Trenton, MO
“Life-Saving GPS Mapping” in Jonesboro, AK.