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As a freelance shooter and editor, I traveled with producers from Habitat for Humanity International to remote locations for days at a time to tell the story of Habitat. “Every person deserves clean, simple, affordable housing.”

This was an experience of a lifetime meeting selfless volunteers and also famous build sponsors. As the Dalai Lama said, “Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can’t help them, at least don’t hurt them.”

This mission to try and house the world is certainly something I felt was worth my time and effort. I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to help tell the story to the world.

Key Club International On-Location Shoots

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Uruguay Field Visit (5 days)
Lawrenceburg, TN (2 days)
Bellingham, WA (2 days)
Brandenton, FL (2 days)
Punto Gordo, FL (2 days)
Key Club Convention in Memphis, TN (5 days)
“Spooktacular”  in Phoenix, AZ (2 days)
Key Club Wisconsin Food Drive, Milwaukee, WI (2 days)
Homeless Project, Harrisburg, PA (2 days)
Charlotte, NC (2 days)
Toronto, Ontario Canada (3 days)
Key Club Convention in Phoenix, AZ (5 days)
New Tazewell, TN Playground Project (2 days)
Washington, DC district science experiment on Atlantis shuttle launch (2 days)
Charlotte, NC (2 days)
Groton, CT (2 days)
Hershey, PA (3 days)
“Food Sculpture” Houston, TX (2days)
Westchester, NY (2 days)
Baltimore Key Club partnership with Children’s Miracle Network at Johns Hopkins Hospital
Key Club Convention in Orlando, FL (5 days)
Tampa, FL
“Pumpkin Smash” Toronto, Ontario Canada (2 days)
Texas-Oklahoma Dance-A-Thon, Houston, TX (2 days
Key Club Convention in Washington, DC (5 days)
“Crock Pot Cooking” in Trenton, MO
“Life-Saving GPS Mapping” in Jonesboro, AK.